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The Hijacked Brain Part 1 – Understanding the Disease of Addiction by Garry Reifers:

The Hijacked Brain Part 2 – The Power of Denial by Garry Reifers:

The Hijacked Brain Part 3 – Recovering Reality by Garry Reifers:

For Families that have loved ones that struggle with addictions but that they, themselves, do not- I highly recommend that they attend a free support group in their area called Al Anon support meetings with other family members going through similar difficulties and can find a meeting in their local, home area at: or for a Christian based setting I highly recommend Celebrate Recovery There are also Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and Celebrate Recovery meetings available as well for those that are struggling with addictions themselves.  

The second resource I recommend is for couples that are having trouble in their relationship. The number one reason I see couples in couples or marriage counseling is because of communication problems believe it or not- by a long shot! Therefore, I recommend couples that are struggling in their relationship look into The 5 Love Languages and take The Official 5 Love Languages quiz via at The 5 Love Languages website at or by using the app, recently renamed the Love Nudge, which is a free app you can download on the App Store at, or via Google Play at, or just visit the website and take it on the website at and the quiz is 100% free, only taking about 5-10 minutes to complete this validated quiz, so that you can find out what your primary love language is and have your partner take it as well so they can find out what their primary love language is as well, and of course anyone can take it and the quiz will help you identify your primary love language for better communication with your partner or loved ones. There are many books by Dr. Gary Chapman, who is a Christian based author, on The 5 Love Languages, and I highly recommend anyone to read these books and you can find podcasts, these books, and other information at the website at